Stream of Consciousness

This body of work expresses how perception is unique to every individual and the way in which it's reflected through one's interpretation of reality. As humans, we function primarily in an analogous sphere, however with varying nuances. We all process thoughts, ponder about our lives, and think relatively alike but take dissimilar approaches to our own intuition. The varying liquids and glass containers are my way of illustrating these distinctions within people. 

The glass represents a person's mind. The items inside are the thoughts, memories, morals, and personalities that make up a person's mental activity. I believe that this all translates to a stream of consciousness by shedding light on the cognitive processes of a person. Our thoughts are ever changing, evolving, igniting, and flowing from place to place. Our ideas can be spilled out for the world to hear, kept inside a container for preservation, become distorted, or even filtered through our mind. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that any situation may be viewed in different ways depending on one's point of view because perception plays such a vital role in experiencing life as a whole.